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Torch Ad is a fast growing team of digital advertising and marketing experts whose goal is to help your business succeed and grow. With a background in mobile advertising networks, agencies, programmatic and IT infrastructure the Torch Ad team has a comprehensive understanding of this market and how to turn the complexity of the digital ad market into a simple, easy to understand solution for your business. Our success can only be measured by your success.

Localised Advertising

Using technology called geo-fencing Torch Ad can target potential customers within a small radius around your business.

The ads will appear on mobile phones which are always on and always present. Customers react impulsively while using their device.

Your ads will run next to big brands on well know sites and apps. Torch Ad is bringing you the latest technology at realistic prices.

Torch Ad is a smart new way to advertise your business locally. Using the latest digital ad technology, we can home in on a small area of your choice and send real time ads to your potential customers in that area.

Torch Ad removes the unnecessary complexity of digital advertising, and the high price tag, allowing you to reach new customers instantaneously with your message.

Stop spending your advertising money on expensive tools that don’t provide measurable results. Torch Ad is fully transparent, you will know exactly how much you are spending and on what.

How Does it Work?

The benefits of using Torch Ad to promote your business:

  • Higher value per customer – strategic offers to new and existing localised consumers and clients allows you to build and retain business.

  • Ability to track and prove return on investment throughout the campaigns, unlike localised leaflet and print ads.

  • Create awareness year round and keep
    your business in local customers minds.
    Become a local brand.

  • Capture opted-in user data within all regulatory guidelines for further marketing using SMS, email and other marketing tools.

  • Fully managed professional service and support throughout the process from our account management team.

  • Additional services including landing page creation and digital coupon/voucher solution available upon request.

Client Speak

Prom Sisters used Torch Ad to bring new customers to our store. We have a very specific product for a very specific audience. We started getting inquiries the day the campaign went live, we were amazed! Torch Ad could tell us exactly which clients had come from their ads so we could evaluate the return on our advertising spend. Really impressed with the quality of service. We’ll definitely be using Torch Ad again to promote Prom Sisters next season.

Prom Sisters Ltd

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